Yeah, yeah I'm "the horror guy," but I also review grown-up movies too -- dramas and even foreign ones from like other countries and stuff! But so far at SXSW 2008 ... COMEDY has been king. Here's four funny flicks I just saw:

Super High Me -- Pothead comedian Doug Benson abstains from weed for 30 days -- and then goes ganja-crazy for 30 days. Erik's review is coming soon, but I laughed a LOT during this movie. And no, not for the reason you're thinking.

The Promotion -- I just spent two hours tongue-bathing this hilarious little flick in my full review -- but it bears mentioning twice: I rrrealllly liked this movie.

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay -- Sure, it's knee-deep in bodily-function humor, but there's clearly some brains behind the pot-addled exploits of Harold and Kumar. Plus, finally: Someone lets Rob Corddry loose with some good movie material. Dang, that guy's funny. As expected, Neil Patrick Harris steals the show.

Dance of the Dead -- You can read my full review over at FEARnet (and you can soon read Peter Martin's opinions right here!), but here's the short version: Dig movies like The Monster Squad and Dawn of the Dead? Big fan of Freaks and Geeks and John Hughes movies? Then strap in for the funniest "teens vs. monsters" flick since (maybe) Night of the Creeps. And that was like 20 years ago.