Pictured: Cinematical's Erik Davis with ex-girlfriend Sarah Marshall ... right before she friggin' dumped him for some TV songwriter dude named Peter! Seriously. What, so Erik Davis doesn't write songs for crappy crime shows, so he gets dumped? He's just a blogger? Eff that! Well, you know what, Sarah "Thinks She's The Shizznet" Marshall?? Erik doesn't need you and your hotness. He's fine all by himself. Go run off with your little Peter Bretter (what kind of stupid name is that anyway?) and have a wonderful life. And here's a note to Peter "Better Than Erik Davis"; she'll dump your ass, man. She'll dump you for some famous rock star one day with a British accent who humps floors and steals scenes.

Oh yes. Because that's how Sarah works. Just when life is all peachy and you think things are going fine (like they were in the photo above), this girl will dump your ass flat. But good luck, Peter. I hope the two of you live a happy life together. Worse case scenario: She dumps you, life sucks and you make a film about it. Guaranteed that flick would be funny as all Hell. Actually, it will be funny. It will be solid. It will make you laugh your ass off. (On April 18.) And we will review Forgetting Sarah Marshall real soon.

But know that the entire Cinematical team gives it our official "Go see this f**ker asap" stamp of approval.

... and I still love you Sarah. Call me.

[ Photo by Jason Whyte, eFilmCritic.com ]