I recently got to have a very entertaining conversation with Super High Me star Doug Benson and producer Alex Campbell -- most of which you'll get to read later -- but for now, there's some fun news to share regarding the flick. As you may or may not know, Super High Me is (obviously) a take-off on Morgan Spurlock's very entertaining Super Size Me -- only instead of eating Big Macs for 30 days ... Doug Benson is going to smoke marijuana (all day every day) for 30 days. (But only after he stays pot-free for 30 days, of course.)

If this sounds like an entertaining idea for a documentary ... too bad. Someone already made it. Get your own idea. But here's the next best thing: If you'd like to organize a (FREE!) screening of Michael Bleiden'sSuper High Me for you and your pals, you can do so starting on (you guessed it) April 20. You don't even have to smoke weed while you watch it! It's funny either way! (Erik Davis' full review of Super High Me will appear on this very blog in the very near future. But here's a preview: He liked it.)

Head on over to the official b-side.com/ Super High Me website to check out all the "Roll Your Own Screening" information. Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Screen Media's Suzanne Blech summed it up nicely: ""It can be difficult to get stoners off the couch ... The number of people who get stoned in America is quite a large percentage, and all we want for them is to tell their friends that they have to see this funny, funny movie." Well, speaking as a big fan of ...comedy, I can agree with Suzanne there. The only people who might not chuckle at this flick are DEA agents.