Shockingly, I missed my 11AM screening by a nose yesterday morning, so I decided to catch up on some much-needed caffeine consumption and writing before meeting up with some of the Cine gang for some delish cheese enchiladas at The Rio Grande. After lunch, we followed the herd of people heading into the 4:20 screening of Super High Me, director Michael Blieden's documentary about comedian Doug Benson's quest to spend 30 solid days smoking (legal in California, medical grade) marijuana from wake-and-bake to bedtime. While we at Cinematical would, of course, never advocate the use of illegal drugs, the concept of buying weed in a pristine shop, where they offer a veritable cornucopia of weed choices for your medical needs, was certainly intriguing.

The movie was pretty darn funny from start to finish; the crowd response was certainly positive throughout, though whether that was because a sizable percentage of the audience was engaging in their own scientific experiments on the effects of weed on the enjoyment of a movie about being stoned, or just because the movie itself was funny, is hard to say.

Here's a gallery of SXSW scene pics for you ... more of the post after the jump.