After months of nothing, Max Payne is moving forward again. Variety has just announced that Mila Kunis will join Mark Wahlberg in the action thriller. It is, of course, based on the popular video game series and will be directed by John Moore.

Wahlberg is playing the tormented title character who is investigating a string of murders that may be related to the death of his family. Kunis will be playing an assassin who teams up with Payne to avenge the death of her sister. It will be the first really dark role for Kunis, who is largely known for her comedic roles. It will be the umpteenth for Wahlberg.

Has there been a video game adaptation that was any good? I can't think of one -- and I own both Tomb Raider movies, which are a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm surprised Hollywood keeps churning them out when they never seem to generate much profit or interest. Given that Max Payne was heavily influenced by John Woo and The Matrix, the fact that it is now coming to the big screen is kind of amusing to me.
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