Why do imaginary people always have rhyming names? They must all come from the Land of Rhyme or something. There's Drop Dead Fred. Long ago, I knew a Sherleen Terleen. Now Variety reports that we're getting Imaginary Larry.

The film is about a 12-year-old kid name Randy who only has one friend -- the imaginary, 30-year-old Larry. I guess Larry's imaginary job is to keep Randy from the ladies, because when the kid kisses a girl for the first time, Larry is permanently banished to Imaginary World. Talk about harsh punishments! "Larry vows to make himself real and exact revenge on the girl who stole his best friend." Now, the flick is said to have a "fresh comedic tone," which certainly seems to be the case. It's not every day that a potential 30-year-old man plots revenge against a young girl -- unless Randy's lusty paramours are the same age as his imaginary friends.

Coincidentally, the film will be helmed by, egads, Son of the Mask helmer Larry Guterman, from a script by South Park scribe David R. Goodman. Odd Lot Entertainment has grabbed the rights and will finance and produce the pic. No word on casting or schedule has been released yet.
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