Now this is the real deal. This comes via USA Today, and if gets taken down via studio request, you can find it there. (You can also find a bigger version, and an article about the summer hopes being pinned on Indy.)

This really is a gorgeous poster, even if Blanchett's character annoys the hell out of me with that stupid sword. She looks like she walked out of World War I, not the Cold War. But the thing that really worries me about this whole film (other than Mutt Williams) is that crystal skull, which is definitely not human. The spoilers I have gotten whispers of are confirmed by this poster -- and it's disappointingly X-Files, in a way. But my fear is that if this movie truly refers back to the entire series, and is going extraterrestrial -- then we might get some kind of midi-chlorian type explanation for the Ark and Sankara Stones. This is pure speculation on my part, and something I genuinely hope not to see. I'm just throwing it out there because I can.

It certainly is a classic poster, though.

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