When I first read the release, I saw the words meth and snake, and immediately thought this was about something else entirely.

Variety reports that Dimension Films has just picked up the rights to Clifford Meth's series Snaked. It is a horror-noir that follows a government employee who lives in a world of dirty politics, unfaithful women, and backstabbing friends -- and one day, abruptly sheds his skin and grows some fangs. It's a loaded metaphor, you see, and plenty of sex and violence follow.

Meth will be penning the screenplay himself. No director has been named yet, but the project is being overseen by producer Richard Saperstein, who was behind the studio's 1408, The Mist, and the Rob Zombie Halloween remake. The premise of Snaked seems to fit right in -- and I think IDW and Dimension are becoming the best of friends. The studio optioned their Joe Hill series Locke & Key only weeks ago.

I haven't read Snaked (Hollywood is buying these up faster than I can read them), so someone is going to have to fill me in. The premise seems to fit perfectly with Dimension -- I'm envisioning lots of gore and female nudity.
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