The Muscles from Brussels ... goes meta? has posted the trailer to the upcoming action-showbiz-comedy J.C.V.D., starring semi-washed-up '80s action icon Jean-Claude Van Damme as ... semi-washed-up '80s action icon Jean-Claude Van Damme. Apparently, the film sees a down-on-his luck Van Damme not just reduced to lame film projects and enduring a tiresome separation, but adding insult to injury, embroiled in a bank robbery gone wrong.

His glory days of Time Copand Hard Targetare, frankly, long past; Van Damme's output in recent years has been sketchy, sporadic and straight-to-video. And while the idea of seeing a Jean-Claude Van Damme project may have been off my radar for the past two presidential administrations, the tone of the trailer above -- self-deprecating, self-aware and goofily good-natured -- may, in fact, compel me to care about him again for the first time in almost two decades. Of course, if the film's long on maudlin moments and short on mockery, that'll be another story; I just hope we see more of the irritated, frustrated Van Damme dealing with fans and hangers-on and less of bad dad Van Damme regretting his mistakes.
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