I miss the days when the Incredible Hulk used to evoke only images of green-muscled mayhem and comic goodness. Since Ang Lee's take on the film, the name is met with as much apprehension as it is fan praise. Of course, we're getting a re-do soon courtesy of Edward Norton, The Incredible Hulk, but so far, the production has not quashed fan fears, and it looks like it might succumb to them.

We're finally getting the trailer debut on Wednesday night, 9:56 p.m. on all MTV channels, VH1, and Spike. The trailer's super-late release hasn't helped get fans pumped, and if Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily is right, that's not the only reason to be apprehensive. Her sources say that Norton and Marvel are fighting over how to cut the film. "Insiders say Norton was 'promised tremendous involvement and access'" into the feature, and now there is "a lot of posturing going on between Edward's camp and Marvel over how you edit the final version." They go on to say that the camps are meeting to try and come up with an "amicable resolution."

Some are saying that Norton is being his difficult self. Others say that Marvel won't listen to him. Whatever the case, this could definitely hurt the film -- will the best cut reach our apprehensive eyes? If Norton isn't happy, will he promote the film? And if he doesn't, what will that mean for the expensive, action-packed picture?
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