It's a seemingly standard-issue career track for the modern actor: Indie success, mainstream notice ... and then the clout and cachet to move behind the camera. And word came from Empire this week that Paddy Considine, who you may recognize from films big (Hot Fuzz, The Bourne Ultimatum) and small (Dead Man's Shoes, In America) is on that track now himself.

Speaking with the mag at its own awards celebration, Considine announced he's getting ready to direct his first feature, Tyrannosaur. Please note that the title's a metaphor; no dinosaurs for Paddy. Instead, as he explains, Tyrannosaur will be " ... about a woman leaving an abusive relationship. But it's not your run-of-the-mill, kitchen-sink drama, there are bits and pieces in there that hopefully make it a little bit different. Hopefully, we start shooting it at the end of the year."

There's no word if Considine will take a role in the film; the only casting note he shared on the red carpet was that "I've got Olivia Coleman in the lead role -- as we get further into the production we'll start casting the other roles." (I can't help but think of Tim Roth and Gary Oldman, whose own directorial debuts The War Zone and Nil by Mouth explored similar dramatic terrain.) Considine also gave a few hints about his next collaboration with director Shane Meadows, King of the Gypsies; the full Empire story has more.
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