For the most part, contests are pretty run of the mill. You can win that thing you've been yearning for and are too broke to buy, or too impatient to wait and see if you ever get it as a gift. It could be tickets, gadgets, and other sundry, but sometimes, it's something special... like your own bodyguard.

Yes, I'm serious. As part of the upcoming release of the upcoming film Drillbit Taylor, AOL is sponsoring a contest where you can win your own bodyguard for the day. The kicker -- there's no age cap! You have to be at least 13, have Internet access, and be a legal resident of the US to enter. Kiddies out there can become too-cool-for-school with their own bodyguard, or I guess you can turn your own heads at work with a day's worth of bodyguard detail. (Note: If some lucky kid gets their amazing bodyguard win halted by their jerky school, the winner will receive the cash equivalent of the prize.)

To enter, you just have to head over to and throw in your info. However, you can gain additional entries by participating in tasks outlined on the website. For each completed task, you'll get one extra entry. These tasks are fairly simple, and include things like watching the trailer or recording a rap. The contest ends March 21, the day Drillbit Taylor hits theaters.