An unapologetically funny, gooey, gory, silly, slathering bloodfeast, Dance of the Dead is a full-bore party movie. If the idea of rocket-launched zombies rioting in an apocalyptic graveyard doesn't make you giggle, there is no hope for you.

The ideal setting to watch the movie was probably the world premiere at SXSW on Sunday night, where countless members of the cast and crew were in attendance, copious amounts of beer and other adult beverages were consumed, and the energy level remained on overkill throughout. (It made such a deep impression that my colleagues Scott Weinberg, Eric D. Snider, and Kim Voynar have already posted about it.) Even so, in the quiet of the (second) morning after, I'm convinced that Dance of the Dead delivers on what it sets out to do. There is no pretense of social relevance and no hint of talking down to the audience. Director Gregg Bishop (The Other Side) and writer Joe Ballarini simply want horror fans to have a good time.