Sometimes it's the all-star casts that get curiosity brewing. And sometimes, it's just an interesting collection that you might not have thought of. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Eric Balfour, Joe Mantegna, and Armand Assante have signed on, and James Van Der Beek is in final negotions, for an indie feature called The Fifth Mafia.

The flick is being directed by Vito J. Giambalvo. His name might not sound familiar, although he's directed episodes of Girlfriends, and helmed the indie flick Let Me Count the Ways in 2006, but you're definitely familiar with some of his older-school work -- he was a cameraman for All in the Family, The Facts of Life, and One Day at a Time. Okay -- you're familiar with the work if you were born before 1980, or watch a lot of old-school reruns.

The drama will focus on the "son (Balfour) of a murdered Mafioso. The son, who never had any involvement in the family business, seeks revenge on his corrupt Uncle Dominic (Assante) for the murder of his parents. Eventually, his quest sends him on a collision course with the FBI after he ruins the life of one of the bureau's agents (Van Der Beek)." This is why revenge doesn't work -- it's never clean and often, you can become what you're fighting against. Mantegna, meanwhile, will play a guy named Mario, who is part of Assante's crime family.

Man, Jesse and Dawson have come a long way.
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