Hopefully Sean O'Keefe and Will Staples are going to have a little more luck getting their new script into production than they have in the past. Variety reports that the duo has sold a pitch to Universal for a political action thriller. The yet to be titled flick would center on "an elite team that secretly journeys to a foreign country to take down an international criminal. When the mission is compromised, the team suddenly finds itself on the run, desperate to uncover the truth behind a major conspiracy."

O'Keefe and Staples are relatively new to the screen writing game. Back in 2006, the two had been tapped to write a feature version of the graffiti video game Getting Up. Considering O'Keefe's experience with writing video games, this would have been a perfect fit. Unfortunately, Getting Up hasn't been heard from since -- which is probably for the best. The duo's bad luck continued when they were hired to write Renny Harlin's The Northmen and Roland Emmerich's The Murder of King Tut, and both of those films have yet to materialize. In fact, the projects seemed to have disappeared altogether. So for O'Keefe and Staples' sake, I hope that this time Universal lets these two make an honest to goodness movie. If not, I guess they can always go back to video games.
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