It has been a number of months since Matt Damon was first cast in Paul Greengrass' adaptation of Rajiv Chandrasekaran's book, Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone back in June of last year. Months went by until Amy Ryan and Greg Kinnear joined the feature back in January, and then Jason Isaacs earlier this month. Now, finally, Variety reports that the last leading role has been filled by another Harry Potter co-star -- Brendan Gleeson -- who you might also recognize as Harry Potter's Mad-Eye Moody, Beowulf's Wiglaf, or New York gang member Monk McGinn -- to name a few. He'll play an American soldier.

The still untitled film, written by Brian Helgeland, centers on "the dichotomy between the Green Zone, where troops are housed, and the streets of Baghdad after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein." The feature is sure to tick off those who are already sensitive to the themes of recent Iraq dramas -- it "posits that bureaucrats are making policy decisions about the country's rebuilding even though they're in a sheltered enclave without a clear view of all that is happening." Since Baghdad itself isn't the most desirable filming location out there, the project is currently in production in Spain of all places.

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