It's been a fun week here at the South by Southwest Film Festival. Austin is a great town; it kind of has a Seattle vibe with a Texas twang. Yesterday was the last day of the fest for me, so I squeezed in a few last movies. Yesterday afternoon, I saw my favorite doc of the fest so far, Some Assembly Required. This nice little doc follows several groups of kids who have entered a toy design contest. I really enjoyed it -- it's smart and very well edited, right down to the amusing interstitials.

After that, I met up with Melanie Addington from Oxford Film Festival and Eric D. Snider, and we headed to the Alama Ritz to catch Yeast and grab some lunch. (No, I did NOT have another milkshake, stop looking at me like that! Okay, I did have a milkshake -- vanilla, and it was sooooo good -- but I didn't inhale.) Yeast stars mumblecore darling Greta Gerwig (who I've also recently enjoyed very much in Baghead and Hannah Takes the Stairs), director Mary Bronstein, and Amy Judd. Yeast is kind of a mumblecore chick-flick about Rachel, a maddeningly annoying control-freak dealing with her fractured relationships with two friends.