The Perfect Game isn't the only baseball picture that Louis Gossett Jr. is getting busy with these days. Aside from the Mexican Little League story that I told you about last year, The Hollywood Reporter posts that he has signed on to be the executive producer and narrator of a new documentary about Negro Baseball Leagues called The Untold Truth.

The doc will detail the history of African-Americans in baseball from 1865-1947 -- the year that Jackie Robinson broke through the barrier and became the first black major league baseball player. Gregg Champion, of Wrapped Prods., will direct the feature, and the company has nabbed exclusive rights to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City for the film.

As an added perk, the sporty fare will also have a touch of jazz. Champion says that the doc will not only focus on the leagues, but "how jazz and baseball came together, how women influenced baseball at that time and how the economics of baseball played into black Americans succeeding in all walks of life." It sounds like an interesting and well-balanced doc to me. The current plan is to release the film during the World Series this fall.
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