Darned language barriers! You might remember that Erik Davis posted about one of writer/director Michel Gondry's next films, The Return of the Ice Kings, back in January, courtesy of MTV. Well, it seems that there was a bit of a language barrier, because that's not quite what the title is. MTV talked with the director again, and he corrected the mistake. It is actually called: Return of the Ice Kids. Yes, Kids, not Kings.

The film is about some teens who invent a form of water that makes you hear music when you drink it. How "Return" fits in remains to be seen. However, Gondry did describe one of the film's scenes when clearing up the confusion. At one point, one of the teen characters talks about his most embarrassing moment: "He talks about one day when he was at an exam and he made some weird noise with his mouth that sounded like a fart, and everybody noticed -- so he kept making weird noises to cover up his nerves. But then it looked like he was covering up a fart." But it's not just fiction. Gondry says: "This happened to me when I went to high school."

Oh, but this is Gondry, so it's not all that straight-forward. There's kids talking about unimportant things, writing a book of peace, and even some "completely utopian scenes." And yet somehow this will all fit together. Considering the subject matter, I'm with Erik on the thought that this could be that project he's working on with his son. Stay tuned, but in the meantime, Be Kind Rewind.
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