I had almost completely forgotten about Liv Tyler's horror flick The Strangers, until the new trailer popped up on the net (there's a larger version on the official site). Last August, an R-rated trailer was released, but by then, the initial release date had been scrapped with only the vague promise that the film would be in theaters some time in '08. The movie is now scheduled to hit theaters this May, so it will be almost one full year late to the party.

The Strangers centers on a young couple who are inexplicably targeted by masked psycho-killers for a night of terror. It looks like it's going to be your usual fight to the death as the couple try to make it out alive. The Strangers was written and directed by Bryan Bertino, a first time writer and director. Joining Tyler is Scott Speedman (Underworld) as Liv's better half, and Gemma Ward as one of the masked maniacs.

After watching the trailer, I think that it still manages to deliver some chills, and it doesn't give away too much. It's funny if you think about the fact that no sooner did the film manage to avoid comparisons to last year's Vacancy, audiences will probably be comparing it to Funny Games.It does look awfully similar. I guess we'll find out if The Strangers was worth the wait when the film finally hits theaters on May 30th.

[via Ace Showbiz]