Every time I watch a Wall·Etrailer, I weep. I don't know what it is. He's just so cute, and innocent, so very E.T. that my heart just breaks when I hear his "WallEEEE" voice.

And now there is a new one out. For the first few minutes, I thought the newswire was mistaken, but this is the Wall·E Trailer to end all trailers. The last one (which Empire now says is the international version) ended with him meeting EVE and taking that first leap into outer space.

Now, you'll see what lies beyond. And there's robots galore! Watch it here, in glorious Quicktime. I cannot wait. I know I said The Dark Knight will be the movie of the summer -- and I'm pretty psyched for it. But Wall·E is like every 80's movie I ever loved wrapped into one -- and expanded. I think it's going to be my favorite film of 2008.

Wall·E is released June 27, 2008. I predict I'll have the toy sitting on my desk by the 28th.