Variety reports that Sam Raimi and Paramount have bought the rights to Doug TenNapel's graphic novel Monster Zoo. Raimi is only attached to produce at this point.

Monster Zoo is the story about a young boy who discovers his local zoo contains creatures far scarier than lions or tigers. It hasn't even been published yet and isn't expected on shelves until this summer. Image Comics doesn't even have a preview up yet. When a book is optioned that quickly, it is usually a sign it is pretty special.

A little browsing around TenNapel's forum turned up a temp cover, as well as some sketches. He had already updated his blog with his glee about the movie deal. "Raimi's movie A Simple Plan is among my favorite all-time films. It's nice to be in business with people who love telling stories ... about creatures, comics and underdogs."

TenNapel is the creator behind the television cartoons Earthworm Jim and Catscratch, along with many graphic novels -- and after browsing his site, I'm dying to own Tommysaurus Rex. I want that to be optioned just for the title.
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