I'm not a fan of modern romantic comedies that are filled with contrivances and frustratingly stupid "obstacles" intended to keep the couple apart until the final close-up. Likewise, it's hard to think of a romantic drama in which we see the relationship run its course in a way that approaches reality. My resistance is based in part on my life experience; perhaps if I met the love of my life at first glance in high school or was currently involved in a long-term relationship finally crumbling in bitterness and recrimination, I'd feel differently. As it is, I tend to avoid relationship movies because they ring so false and hollow to me.

In contrast, Natural Causes, while not perfect, is composed of so many identifiably true moments that I fell in love with the movie.

David (Jerzy Gwiazdowski) is initially attracted to Shaina (Shonda Leigh Robbins), while his friend flirts with her roommate Cara (Leah Goldstein). David and Shaina end up together that night in her bedroom. Fade to black; the next time we see David, he's riding an elevator with Cara, who is no longer rooming with Shaina. Cara and David begin talking, which progresses to flirting, which progresses to spending the night together.