I get the feeling Wellness is supposed to be an awkward, sad comedy about a hapless fellow who just can't catch a break. The problem, then, is that it's rarely actually funny, and the story of the poor guy who can't catch a break is bleak and depressing. There's never any payoff, no relief, no redemption. What did this tragic character do to deserve such treatment?

His name is Thomas Lindsey, and the film's best attribute is the outstanding performance by unknown actor Jeff Clark in the lead. Thomas is middle-aged with a wife and kids back home, and he's currently driving around Pennsylvania trying to find investors for Wellness, a revolutionary new health product. Or, at least it's supposed to be. Thomas, not a great salesman to begin with, isn't exactly clear on the particulars about Wellness. All he knows is that he'll never make his own investment back if he doesn't recruit others to sell it.