It's here and it is early, courtesy of MTV! Go watch it, now!

What do you think of the trailer, after this incredibly long wait?

I don't think it's particularly inspiring myself. It doesn't look like Edward Norton really added anything special -- and I was expecting more out of someone with his caliber. Maybe there was just too much hype and expectation. (Or maybe it's just the trailer!)

The action looks solid though. Who doesn't love to see two giant monsters fighting each other on the streets of New York? And I definitely dig the chase element. It's fun to imagine the Hulk hiding fearfully in alleys and dingy apartments, afraid of being caught.

And this supporting cast is certainly excellent. No one makes a better bad guy than Tim Roth. But couldn't they at least have given Liv Tyler one line of dialog? And not made her wear glasses to look like a Smart Sexy Science Girl?

The Incredible Hulk
stomps across the globe on June 13.