Sometimes, I wish these kinds of stories would just stay off the wire until there was some more meat on them. Empire has excitedly announced that Wolfgang Petersen is directing a sci-fi epic. Apparently, this was in the works before the writer's strike, but no one bothered to run it. I think it was because there's not much to tell -- everyone would have preferred an Ender's Game update.

All we know about the story of Uprising is that it is about a group of humans who band together to fight off an invading alien force. Yes, when I picture that with Petersen's scope, this could be really cool. But then I remember Troy (yeah, I hear the director's cut is good, I do need to pick that up), and think how good that initially sounded. Also, it's not like an alien invasion story is particularly fresh. What's going to be special about this one?

But do you know the first thought that popped into my head when I read the story idea? Battlefield Earth. I don't even know why -- it should have been Vor Independence Day. Now I can't get rid of the image of alien John Travolta, and the movie is playing in my head. Great.
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