Although he has produced, acted in, and written projects, Cedric the Entertainer is finally jumping behind the camera for his directorial debut. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Cedric will helm the indie comedy Chicago Pulaski Jones, which was written by Kel Mitchell (who has appeared in everything from Clifford flicks to Honeydripper) and Janis Woody (a production manager of Cedric's).

The film stars Mitchell, Cedric, Tommy Davidson, and Gary Sturgis, and it focuses on Jones, a young championship dancer. Like any person with talent who doesn't live in the big city, he heads there to become famous. "On the day he arrives, his uncle is murdered, leaving Jones to avenge his uncle's death vigilante style and alone." Yeah, that wasn't quite the twist you were expecting, was it? At the very least, it sounds more interesting than the glamorized superstardom stories, or the depressing homeless drug addict ones.

Production began this week in LA.
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