I'm not quite sure how I missed this, but there is an interesting bit of news coming by way of Boston.com this week. In an interview with Charlize Theron, they discussed her current plans, and the upcoming Sleepwalking, but that's not all. On the third page of the article, it says she will both produce and star in a remake of Park Chan-wook's Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

I guess they're either not into the movie, or were stopped from getting any further details, because that's all they say about it. Filthy teases. The original came out back in 2006, and with Charlize involved in the remake, I imagine it will keep what Martha Fischer described as "totally unexpected" "subtlety and tenderness." For those who aren't familiar with Chan-Wook's vengeance trilogy, this final film focuses on a teen girl who is forced to confess to a crime she didn't commit. She spends the next 13 years in prison, and is a model inmate known for her kindness. Once she gets out, however, her tune changes and she begins to put together the revenge she has been secretly plotting over the years. She's so determined, in fact, that it's all she cares about -- shrugging off everything around her as a distraction.

While not big on remakes, especially of really funky foreign films worthy of a viewing, I have to admit -- Charlize could probably knock this out of the ballpark. Could this be her Oscar win without "getting ugly?"

[via Ace Showbiz]
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