He might be struggling with Marvel over the edits to The Incredible Hulk, but going green isn't the only thing on Edward Norton's mind. Variety reports that he, along with his Class 5 Films, are planning to "shop a feature documentary about the historic presidential campaign mounted by Sen. Barack Obama" to get released in 2009.

The untitled picture is being directed by Amy Rice and Alicia Sams, who started shooting footage before Obama even declared his candidacy. That's some political faith! Norton says that this isn't about glorifying the subject, even though he and other involved parties are Obama supporters, but rather this came out of a discussion after a speech the man made in 2004.

"We were all so struck by Barack's speech and talked about how exciting it was to see someone from our generation, not our parents', make his presence felt in such an inspiring way. It was akin to the way I remembered my dad describing how he felt when Kennedy gave his inauguration speech." The speech led them to the project, before any of them were Obama supporters. I can see why. If the man makes it to the top, and they're there, it'll be one huge chunk of history that they've captured.

Rice and Sams will follow Obama along the entire run of his campaign for the White House, so a timetable is far from finalized.
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