There is just something about Evan Rachel Wood that makes her appealing to older men, gothic or neurotic. After shocking the world by stealing Marilyn Manson away from Dita Von Teese, becoming his girlfriend, and now possibly marrying him, she's starting a professional relationship with another oldie, but this time he's -- much older, and much more known for his interest in younger women -- Woody Allen.

Hollywood Elsewhere has learned that Wood will star in Woody Allen's next film, after Vicky Cristina Barcelona -- one that will have her play Larry David's love interest. Yes, Mr. Curb Your Enthusiasm himself. A man who is forty years older than she is. (See? Old guys left, right, and center, at least for the 20-year-old Wood!) Allen wrote this script a while ago, but feels too old for it, so he picked "the young sexpot Larry David" to take over. I guess that extra dozen years makes all the difference.

This probably means that it will be more like Woody's older fare. Whether that's good or bad, I'm not sure. The voyage overseas did a lot for the filmmaker, and Elsewhere also hears that his latest is very good: "VCB is funny and sweet and sad and way, way better then his last few movies, including Match Point." Then again, Allen is supposed to be doing more films overseas, so maybe it will be a mixture of young and old -- which, well, would be completely fitting for this whole project.
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