No, you're not dreaming. This story is real. There is a trailer out for The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, and MTV's got it. Go watch it, and the accompanying Corey Feldman interview. Marvel at the attention he gave his eyebrows to restore them to 1980's authenticity. (I am amazed how little he's aged -- the picture to the right is from the sequel, and he looks precisely the same.)

The Lost Boysis a guilty pleasure of mine -- and I know I'm not alone. I never get sick of it. And I always secretly wanted a sequel called The Lost Girls. I think it could have worked -- a gang of girls seducing and killing hot guys, and luring an unsuspecting innocent to join them. And that unsuspecting innocent could have been the daughter of a retired Frog Brother. I would have paid to see that because I'm tasteless that way. The odd thing is, there's parts of this direct-to-DVD sequel that look a lot like scenes I had in mind. Only less cool.

In this day of remakes and sequels, I think Feldman could have pitched the concept to a real studio, and made a really fun sequel that had a good budget and theatrical release. Honestly, there's some potential here in this finished product. It just needed to be reworked, polished, and given to actors who could deliver a line properly.

Or maybe I'm just hypnotized by hearing the theme song. It is like a drug. I immediately see a young Jason Patric, and I can't think straight any more.