An interesting little bit of news popped up on the Hollywood Insider yesterday. The writers strike jostled things up over at NBC, so they're going to renew ER for what will be its 15th, and presumably final, season. This is news for Cinematical, because they want to make this final year a sort of retrospective.

Executive producers John Wells and David Zabel want the show to visit all of the characters who have appeared over the years, like one season-long reunion. That would mean trying to get George Clooney to reprise his role as Dr. Doug Ross, who appeared on 108 episodes of the television drama from 1994-2000. (Doesn't it seem like more than 7-8 years since he was a television star?)

It seems that they've already secured Noah Wyle for a return, but Donnie Darko or not, he's no Clooney. George is the biggest star to come out of that series, and one who definitely doesn't need the work, between his acting, directorial, and production projects. So really, it will come down to interest.

But I ask you, dear Cinematical readers. With all the leaps George Clooney has made professionally, should he look into the past to appear on the final season of ER, or keep his eyes trained on the future?

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