Hearing Tom Perrotta's name in conjunction with a big-screen movie always makes my ears perk up. Yeah, he's behind Little Children, but this is also the dude behind Election! Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Warner Independent Pictures is going to bring Perrotta's first novel to the big screen -- The Wishbones.

It's a romantic comedy, but with TP, that shouldn't be a bad thing. Perrotta adapted his own novel, which centers on a 30-something man who still lives with his parents in New Jersey. Sort of like Adam Sandler's Wedding Singer for the next decade, the guy plays in a wedding band. When one of his fellow musicians dies, however, he makes a bad, scared choice and proposes to his longtime girlfriend, who wants him to give up the band. Of course, after he's fianceed, he meets someone else, who THR describes as "a bohemian poet from Manhattan." I'm sure that much like Drew Barrymore, she allows him to follow his heart.

It seems that the writer has been working on the project for years, and threw Election and Little Children into the big-screen mix in the interim. WIP is now looking for a director to help Perrotta update the script, so I imagine this won't be set in the original late '90s, but rather present time, which is a shame. But still, the chances of this being one worthy flick are pretty high.
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