Unfortunately, soon after the two international trailers for Speed Racer hit the net, they were pulled from the eager eyes of fans everywhere. And it's too bad, because they were pretty good. However, there's now a long, new trailer over at Yahoo that has much of the bubblegum color action of the others (like Racer X clips and visions of Christina Ricci as Trixie), plus a whole bit on how Speed Racer came to be.

This time, we see the little pre-racing tyke dreaming about the day when he'll be a racer himself -- to the chagrin of his teacher. Back then, he was just like any normal kid -- daydreaming in class, making flip books with his notebook. Basically, if you're interested in the story of the racer, this is the trailer to see.

Me, however, I still like the teaser the best -- with that little bit of Speed Racer music at the start, and then those uber-surreal, almost comic-like action sequences. Luckily, that trailer plays right after the last one finishes (with a short commercial in between). Speed races to theaters on May 9.