Welcome all to another unbelievable edition of Insert Caption (as seen on the widely popular Cinematical.com)! Last week, we asked you folks to put on your best Jerry Seinfeld impersonation for an image from the comedian's animated flick Bee Movie (now out on DVD). While we got a lot of captions with the words 'honey' and 'what's the deal with ..., ' I don't believe we received any that went something like, "What's the deal with honey?" Yeah ... so what's the deal with that? Congrats to David L. for providing us with a winning caption ... about nothing.

1. "It's not so much that he talks, dear, but that he's actually talking about NOTHING!" -- David L.

2. "Yes, I get it dear, "Bee Mine." But this, this is my freakin' Valentine's Day
gift???" -- Eric S.

3. "I'm sorry sweetie, were you talking? I was just thinking about my enormous chin." -- Eric A.

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This week we have something very cool (and healthy!) in store for you. Not only will you get to take home a copy of the brand spanking new Atonement DVD (out March 18), but one lucky winner will also ride away with super cool his and hers beach cruisers (as pictured below -- click to enlarge)! With only a few months before summer hits, why not make it so you'll be hittin' the beach in style. Check 'em out folks ...

... now all you have to do is give us your most wittiest caption for the photo below from the hit Oscar-winning movie Atonement, starring the very lovely Keira Knightley and equally as lovely James McAvoy (guys can be lovely if they have an accent, right?). Remember, Atonement hits DVD on March 18. Now sound off below ...

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