Kim and Erik are long gone, but a bunch of your sexy Cinematicaleers are still knee-deep in SXSW awesomeness. Peter and Jette have been seeing tons of flicks, Snider and I have been trying to do the same (but man oh man do I stay up late!), and all the while ... Austin has been invaded by thousands of music-type people. But we wanted to take a break from the documentaries, the dramas, and the mumblecorings, so four of us (namely: Eric Snider, William Goss, Eugene Novikov and myself) decided to trek towards a multiplex and take in a screening of Doomsday, since it opened today.

For those who don't worship at the altar of Genre Film, I'll remind you that Doomsday is the third feature from Neil Marshall -- after Dog Soldiers and The Descent. Sir Snider will be reviewing the film very soon (while my review will appear at FEARnet), but I do know he liked the film pretty well. I, however, was clapping my hands with childlike glee at every well-timed punch, kick, quip, bullet-hole, and explosion. A great musical score, excellent pacing, a few kick-ass action scenes, an amusing and unpretentious attitude, and no B.S. time-wastin' blah-blah-blah junk.

Then we spent about 2.5 hours trying to travel the half-dozen miles from the theater to my hotel, because apparently the music festival has called DIBS on every taxi in Austin. But I saw a fun movie with good pals, plus I stopped at a book store and bought a new horror compilation from Richard Laymon. Oooh, and we ate at Arby's! And now ... back to the festival!
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