For once, I'm happy to say that "death" teamed with the name Sarah Michelle Gellar does not mean that she's taking on another crappy horror remake. Variety reports that she's in final negotiations to star in the indie drama Veronika Decides to Die. Yes, this means she is taking over for Kate Bosworth who was attached to the film last September. One petite blonde out, and another sometimes-blonde in.

Adapted from Paulo Coelho's book by Larry Gross and Roberta Hanley, Veronika Decides to Die focuses on a depressed woman who gets reinvigorated by life after a suicide attempt. However, she won't have long to enjoy it because her attempt irreparably damaged her heart. But, oh so heart-tuggingly, dramatically, and romantically apt -- her damaged heart finds love and a new desire to live.

I'm teasing the plot because, well, it has the possibility of terrible cliche. At the same time, however, I'm happy to see Gellar go back to drama, and in something that came remind us why she was so huge on Buffy. Now if Alyson Hannigan could only find some sort of meaty role to tackle...
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