It's those little stories that speak volumes.

As you may remember, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are collaborating to bring the popular Tintin series to life. Now comes the news, from a recent Andy Serkis interview, that Spielberg intends to tackle the first film and Jackson the second. No one yet knows who might be directing the third film.

The bulk of shooting starts in September, but Serkis was flying out immediately to start work. While that conjures images that he'll be donning a leotard and bouncing around for the computers, he's playing a human (Captain Haddock) this time. When asked if he was afraid that Jackson would have him playing Snowy the Dog, Serkis had a good laugh: "Absolutely, in fact people assume that I am, which is even more disturbing."

If Serkis is reporting for duty, hopefully Tintinwill start kicking into high gear, and fans can expecting some really exciting news very soon -- maybe there will be some announcements buried in all those upcoming Indiana Jones 4 press conferences.

[via CHUD]

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