(Warning: The following review contains spoilers that may ruin the moviegoing experience for you. Read at your own risk.)

Here's the official synopsis forA Necessary Death: "Documentary Filmmaker looking for suicidal individual to follow from first preparation to final act." Cut from 142 video tapes, this project sheds light on the tragedy following the infamous internet ad." It's not until the end credits begin to roll before we're finally presented with proof that this is not a real documentary; it's a fictional narrative told through the documentary format (or as some would say, a film by and for the YouTube generation). Either way, whether you go in knowing this or not knowing this, the film still packs a solid punch with its wild ideas, strong storyline and terrific performances.

Written and directed by Daniel Stemm, A Necessary Death follows Gilbert Toma, a student working on a film for his final thesis. His intentions are to find a person who is not only suicidal, but has also set a date to go through with ending their life. Gilbert wants to follow them around, learn about their life, their struggles, what have you, right up until the point where they actually commit suicide. Joining Gilbert are his two friends/production buddies, Valerie and Mike, as well as their camera operator, Daniel.