I can't help but think that just as we Harry Potter fans run out of things to talk about, the frenzy begins again. What will happen when that seventh movie comes out? Life is going to become so dreary with no "I hope they include that part where ..." to discuss!

Harry Potter producer David Heyman has given an interview to Empire discussing that controversial Book 7 split. He gives a very good reason for why they are aiming to keep the film short -- Harry's young fans. "Is this going to be a four and a half hour film? That's probably what it would have been. Would our audience really embrace that? In some way, I think they might. But I think the younger ones would have drifted. There's always been difficulty making sure that the ones that are two hours, two and a half hours long – making sure that those are the right length. I think by having two films that are two and a half hours – although we're not sure of the length – then it will be a richer experience." Young kids did sit through Lord of the Rings quite spellbound though, so I am skeptical that it couldn't be done, but it is a valid point. You don't want to numb their poor eyes or butts.
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