Universal Pictures and Dark Horse Entertainment have struck a three year production and distribution deal. Universal now has creative access to Dark Horse's entire stable (pardon the pun) of characters and properties, as well as anything the company aquires in the hopes of turning it into a film. In return, Dark Horse gains a permanent studio home for all future properties, and the option to distribute their own films through Universal.

Dark Horse has been responsible for publishing some of the cooler comics in the past few years -- but their movie output has been less than stellar. For every Hellboy, there's been a Son of the Mask and Alien vs Predator. Maybe a partnership with Universal will change that.

So many Dark Horse properties are in creative limbo now that I am really curious to see what's going to happen to them. Can Universal buy back the rights to Sin City so the sequel can be made? Lone Wolf and Cub? I know I am going to be wrong on who owns what, it's one of those days where Google is providing nothing in the way of reliable information -- and Dark Horse Entertainment only lists Hellboy II as their upcoming project, which is no help. Feel free to refresh my memory.

At any rate, I wonder if it means we'll see Frank Miller directing Martha Washington one of these days. I don't think that's been optioned yet.

[via Superhero Hype]
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