Either MGM is engaging in wishful thinking, or we're getting a new Robocop movie.

A recent press release from the studio listed a whole bunch of future projects, many of which weren't too surprising -- their list of franchises-to-be includes The Hobbit, Outer Limits, Death Wish, and the shocker of Robocop

I highly doubt this will be another sequel, but will instead be a full fledged remake. I also doubt they'll dare to make something like Paul Verhoven's blood-soaked satire --
which philosophers wrote on and originally was X-rated. Nothing in Hollywood carries an "originally X-rated" label any more. A remake will probably have most of the bullets, half the blood, and a really rocking soundtrack. I can't think of an actor who everyone would scream in horror upon being cast, so maybe you can help me out and name a few.

It truly is a renaissance of 80's cinema. I half expect to walk out of my house and see everyone wearing leg warmers. It is really beginning to scare me -- I thought you were supposed to be well into old age before the past caught up with you. I am fully expecting to see a remake of Commando or Lethal Weapon by the time I am thirty.

[via Ain't It Cool News ]
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