Try as I might, I cannot find a video of the press conference for Leatherheads, and it seems the only one who noticed this story was Jeremy Smith from CHUD. I pass it on to you, because everyone likes a little George Clooney story on the weekend.

Farragut North, Beau Willimon's play (and hot Hollywood property) has been attached to Clooney (he's supposed to direct) since last fall, and it sounds like it might be going forward at last. However, Clooney denied he would be appearing in the film, saying, "I think there are a lot better actors for that than me." Oh, George. Such modesty. He doesn't expect to start production until next year, and there's no word as to whether Leonardo DiCaprio is still attached to star.

As the movie revolves around a young idealist on a presidential campaign, some may feel Clooney missed the boat on the timing. But I don't think so -- next year will give audiences a chance to catch their breath after this year's election. How many people want to go watch a film about a presidential campaign, and then come home to the real thing on CNN? Willimon's play is also set to debut on Broadway this summer, and the film might be hinging on its reception.

No one does classy political drama like Clooney. If Willimon's play is all that it is rumored to be, audiences can expect a brilliant movie -- and Clooney more gold statuettes. . .
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