Some movie plots are so basic that they "seem to write themselves," and in the case of the simple-yet-charming Young @ Heart, we have a documentary that pretty much writes itself. It's such a basically appealing concept -- a choir full of (very) old people spend their free time singing rock tunes for some very appreciative crowds -- that all you'd need is a guy with a camera and some sound equipment to capture the footage. And that's pretty much what Young @ Heart is: a slight but well-polished documentary about an inherently worthwhile story.

Northampton, Massachussetts is where you'll find the Young @ Heart crew singing their hearts out. Under the guidance of choir director Bob Cilman, the Y@H chorus is comprised of some seriously sprightly senior citizens. Even the ones who can't move around all that well are so passionately devoted to the group that just their participation is slightly inspiring. As the films opens, we're invited to meet some of the choir's more colorful singers, and we tag along as the crew gets ready for a big-time concert at the Academy Theater.