I'm not sure what these two new endings will show (the Cloverfield monster stealing the lead actress and climbing up to the top of the Empire State Building?), but apparently the upcoming Cloverfield DVD will house a couple of different looks at the controversial finale. Shock gives us the news that the DVD will arrive in stores on April 22, and come with a slew of bonus materials. Considering the amount of viral marketing this puppy shoveled out in the months leading up to its release, I wouldn't expect anything less than 750 special features on 17 discs. Apart from anamorphic widescreen and English Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, Shock gives us this list of additional features:

• Commentary: Commentary by Director Matt Reeves
• Featurette: The Making of Cloverfield
• Featurette: Cloverfield Visual Effects
• Featurette: I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge
• Featurette: Clover Fun
• Additional Scenes: Congrats Rob
• Additional Scenes: When You're in Japan
• Additional Scenes: I Call That a Date
• Additional Scenes: It's Going to Hurt
• Additional Scenes: Alt Ending #1
• Additional Scenes: Alt Ending #2
• Easter Eggs: Slusho!
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 2
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 5
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 9
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 11
• Easter Eggs: Rack 'Em & Pack 'Em
• Easter Eggs: Fighting the X

More Easter Eggs are supposedly on the way, though they haven't been officially confirmed. Shock also doesn't say whether this will be a double disc special edition, so for the time being we'll assume all of this is on one giganto Cloverfield DVD. I was one of those folks who enjoyed Cloverfield for what it was and look forward to picking up this DVD when it hits stores on April 22. You?