After that insane flood of Wolverinenews, they've gotten down to business down in Australia, and everything is under tight wraps after that Sabretooth leak.

Dominic Monaghan was recently on Jay Leno and revealed he was all finished with his role. He didn't reveal much, not even what Beak was doing in a Wolverine origin film, but he did praise Hugh Jackman's dedication to his impressive physique. "I don't think I've ever seen a guy in real life look that good. We were doing a scene at night where he was doing press-ups. Not to get his biceps or his shoulders bigger, but to get the veins on his biceps and shoulders bigger." Of slightly more interest, film wise, is Monaghan's vague description of a scene he was filming with Jackman, who showed his dedication was not just for his own muscles. "We did a night shoot where essentially our gang was looking at the back of his head while walking away and he stayed until 6am," the actor continued to say. "He's there for us and I was so impressed with him as a guy."
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