Back in 2005, there was a short film called Enfants Terribles. (See the trailer here.) Written and directed by Terry Nemeroff, the black comedy starred Peter Facinelli, Leslie Zemeckis, and the wonderful Christopher Lloyd -- and focused on the uber-cheery themes of incest, murder, and grave robbery. Now MovieWeb reports that the film is getting the feature treatment under the title Thicker, and according to IMDb, it's about a brother and sister who try to steal back an inheritance that their newly-dead mother had buried with her.

All of the actors have returned (with different names), and will join the likes of Jason Lee, who has a lead role, along with Clea DuVall, J.K. Simmons, Peter Stormare, John Turturro, Rachel Miner, Amanda Plummer, Jon Gries, Bobby Cannavale, James LeGros, Frank Whaley, Jon Polito, and Glenn Plummer -- basically, one heck of a supporting cast. Seriously, it's like a who's who of character actors and well-known indie peeps.

At the very least, maybe this will help old-school Lee fans forgive some of his recent work. There's nothing like dark, deadly comedy to wipe away the Underdog. Production begins this May.

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