Imagining the sort of roles Jennifer Coolidge takes on, from being a randy MILF in American Pie, to her wacky gigs with Christopher Guest, there's all sorts of ways you can imagine her tackling a film called Gentlemen Broncos. However, this is that kid writer movie, and The Hollywood Reporter posts that she's signed on to play the mom once again.

Word about the feature first broke in December, when it was announced that Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess would head back to high school for the film about a teen outcast who goes to a camp for writers and gets his fantasy novel, Yeast Lords, ripped off by a famous novelist, Ronald Chevalier. Then we got the first players -- Michael Angarano (Almost Famous, Sky High) signed on to play the geeky kid, Sam Rockwell grabbed a character in some "book-come-to-life sequences under two guises: one in the teen's story and one in the author's story," and Jemaine Clement took on the jerky, desperate-for-ideas author Chevalier. Now we've got Coolidge as Angarano's mom, and since the film is in production, I'd say casting is probably complete.

Between all the people involved, and the fact that Mike White is a producer, I imagine that this will be one sweet, geeky comedy.
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