We've seen more of Ken Davitian's body than anyone could ever want (with the exception of Sacha Baron Cohen, who got it in the sweaty flesh), and we'll soon see him as the gun-wielding baddie in Get Smart. Now he's hitting the small screen and signing on for a co-starring role that should give us a better taste of his acting chops, or at least give him some more lines. Variety reports that he will star with Bernie Mac in an upcoming comedy called Starting Under.

With images of hairy, naked wrestling in Borat lodged into my cranium, "Starting Under" isn't the best title, but it doesn't look like this will have any sort of black-bar-required scenes -- especially since this show is on Fox and not HBO. Mac stars as a man who has just gotten a divorce, moves in with his son, and gets a job at his son's liquor warehouse. He befriends Ken (Davitian), a 40-something co-worker who is also divorced, and the two hang out and chase women together.

Hopefully this won't interfere with Ken's big-screen work, because the man is damned funny. But even if it does, we've still got Lonely Street, Float, Let the Game Begin, Not Forgotten, and Soul Men on the way.
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