The big screen is about to get more Richard Price. His pen has already brought us the diverse likes of The Color of Money, Mad Dog and Glory, Michael Jackson's Bad, Clockers, Ransom, and Shaft. (Which one of these is definitely not like the others!?) Now Variety reports that Miramax and Scott Rudin have picked up the rights to the scribe's latest novel, Lush Life -- which they say is grabbing him the best reviews of his career.

The story revolves around a restaurant manager and his bartender, who walk a drunk friend home one night in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. "One of the men winds up on the wrong end of a bullet, and a murder investigation reveals much about the city and the characters involved in a mugging gone wrong." But there's a bit more to it than that -- conflicting eye-witness accounts, alleged shooters, and a shocking climax -- all that tantalizing cop fare.

Variety also points out that Rudin and Price have a long history together, which started back when Rudin was only 19 and working as a casting director on the first Price adaptation, The Wanderers, back in the '70s. Price is currently adapting the novel himself, and we should have more news once he's finished.
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